Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
Tokenization have taken the world by storm

The revolutionary potential is best illustrated with a historical comparison. The discovery of bitcoins equated with the invention of the printing press. As Johannes Gutenberg, success was by no means guaranteed. With the Reformation – which is similar to the blockchain – there was a breakthrough; for the invention of printing made it possible to reproduce information on paper, as well as the scaling of capital holdings, the so-called paper money and later shares and stock market was born: an explosion in material prosperity … and today, finally, electronic databases have allowed us humans to enter into a Faustian temptation which humanity capitulates to unimagined heights.

Our Service Team in the NFT-UNELEX store and platform care about product effectivity, positive and bring their best every day; with our successful designer, photographers always follow understandable and commented coding standards, so that it can easily be passed on our clients demands and a pioneer in bringing real life values to the NFT space. By combining their cognitive abilities and diverse industry experience, our team is the crème de la crème and offering to NFT-UNELEX users always exciting products.

NFT-UNELEX - Collection

Why DIGITAL ART trough NFT’s is the FUTURE

Supporting art and artists is something we are extremely passionate about at UNELEX and being able to showcase the incredible work of artists, designers, creators, photographs from around the globe is one of the best things about what we do.

UNELEX provides artists with an ecosystem to make their works become NFT in order to join the exhibitions and auctions in the world. UNELEX diversified ecosystem for many artists with many paintings. Auctions take place proactively and contently. Transactions are conducted in the most dynamic and convenient manner in order to promote and develop the painting market to a new level.



‘Fungibility’ sounds complicated — but it’s really a very simple concept that relates to the things we own and use every day. It applies to real-world assets as well as digital ones. The dollar in your pocket — or the Bitcoin in your crypto wallet — is a prime example of a fungible asset. Both are easily replaced by something that is (for all intents and purposes) identical.  If Bob lends Kate $10, he would not need to receive exactly the same banknote back, because they’re equally as valuable.

All of this changes with a nonfungible asset. Let’s imagine Bob lends Kate his rare baseball card. If she gave him back a common card, he’d probably be extremely annoyed. The two cards may look identical in shape, size, texture, and so on… but the details printed on them make them unique. A plane ticket is also an example of something nonfungible: one could send you to Sydney first class, but another may offer a trip to Chicago in economy.

As the crypto world fusses over FIAT money, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like SOLANA, Ethereum, ADA and another type of digital asset has quietly been gaining traction. Exciting use cases for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are cropping up all the time and they’re even being touted as the future of the gaming industry, the art industry, and even in the real estate business and finance world. NFTs can also command serious cash, with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • You can easily prove you own it. No one can manipulate it in any way.
  • You can sell it on any NFT market or peer-to-peer earn royalties every time it’s sold.
  • You can hold it forever, resting comfortably knowing your asset is secured by your wallet.

What can the NFT be used for:

  • Art and Collectibles: One of the biggest challenges for digital artists is protecting their creations against copyright infringement, but NFTs are a solution as they provide proof of ownership, authenticity and eliminate issues of counterfeiting and fraud. With around 28.6% of the past month’s sales coming from collectible-related projects. Crypto Punks and Cats, are one of the first collectible NFTs now Apes and have sold for millions of dollars.
  • Gaming: Their digital assets can be transferred between games or platforms, or traded on open markets, they will invest more of their hard-earned cash.
  • Real World Assets: Tokenizing property, company shares, music rights, diamonds, land, tickets, old-timers, Start Up, IPO’s, Crowd Founding
  • Travel Industry: A city could partner with local artists to promote specific locations; a local artist could reward travelers with a unique digital asset for visiting the studio; events, exhibitions, organizers could create a massive multi-player scavenger hunt for digital assets.
  • Crowd Founding and Start Up: Traditional crowdfunding efforts for Start Up allow early believers to pledge their money in exchange for rewards like profit characters named after them or invitations to launch parties, NFT-backed Start Up potentially turn the same concept into a real investment assets.
  • Documentation and Financial market: Documentation such as qualifications, licenses, medical histories, all kind of certificates, scarcity, commodities, stocks, ETF, funds, etc.



Advantages of tokenization: Starting today, companies, investment banks, asset managers, funds, stock exchanges shares or Real-World-Assets: pictures, art items, old timer and classic vehicles, collectibles, gaming, travel, industry, documentation, crowd founding, start-ups, a.s.o.

The UNELEX platform is shifting towards utilizing the power of tokenization. The advantages are manifold: faster processes due to digitalization, fewer intermediaries which lower cost and increase efficiency, and global transferability are just a few examples, to be among the first and profit from the benefits of tokenization today.


65% lower costs: By representing securities on a blockchain, many expensive intermediate parties become redundant. Additionally, process efficiencies can be realized which leads to overall lower costs in the value chain compared to traditional securities transactions.

99% faster settlement: The blockchain technology digitizes existing, often still paper-based processes. The speed of transactions increases considerably through the use of tokenized securities.

24/7 global transferability: The digitization of securities drastically simplifies the transfer of assets. Assets that were previously illiquid can now be easily transferred 24/7 worldwide.

100% more transparency: Transactions are stored unchangeably and transparently on the blockchain and are securely traceable at all times and OTC (Over the Counter).


Tokenization is the automated solution for digitizing values, including all rights and obligations contained in them. Tokenization reduces middlemen, increases liquidity and lowers costs. Intelligent smart contracts on the blockchain comply with regulations and ensure ownership and interoperability


Overall, these are just a few reasons for you to start investing in BITCOIN & Co today. According to experts, now is just the right time for you to do so. The Crypto market is currently in its nascent stages and promises to transform the way we see finance.




The thicket of the crypto forest should now thin a bit and flatten the path to an exciting future of cryptocurrencies. And never forget……



We have launched our WEB SITE

We released UNELEX drop I in 1 hour

We have started to launch the 12 Sections

We have enabled our DAO System that does allow to our designers and artists to have voting power on all major decisions coming to the project via snapshot

The Next Generation

–  UNELEX drop II will be released December 2022

–  building a UNELEX foundation FOR PLAY 2 earn. First Part 2023

– activate and fund the UNELEX community and UNELEX charity wallet. (DAO system will be used to decide upon which charities will be considered). First Part 2023

– ICO end of the year 2022


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